Zidni Ilma Charitable Trust, a voluntary education NGO, was established in September, 2006, ZICT formulated and started implementing a scheme to extend financial support primarily to brilliant students of economically weaker families in Gujarat who secure admissions on merit in aforesaid professional courses in different colleges of Gujarat.

ZICT was formed with just 13 members & with mere contribution of 13000, But than people joined & we grew, and are able to provide scholarship aid and sustain our evolvement.

Board of Trustees:

  • Dr. JS Bandukwala President(Lifetime) :
  • Dr. Mohammed Hussain Executive President:
  • Yasin Shaikh Vice-President:
  • Amar Rana Secretary cum Treasurer:


  • Mohd. Yasin Shaikh
  • Yasinmiya S Rangrez
  • Shahid A Rahimi
  • Maulana iqbalhusain Bokda
  • Dr Gulam Mohiyuddin Tamam
  • Najmuddin F Chasmawala
  • Rauf S Saiyed
  • Mohd Shafi Kadiwala
  • Dr Ismail Pala
  • Mohammedi N Chasmawala
  • Amar Rana
  • Mohammed Iqbal Khan