In December, 2010 winner of the Nobel Price 2009 Sir Dr Venkatraman (Venki) Ramkrishnan donated Rs 1.67 Lakhs approx to ZICT for the educational uplift / welfare of poor girls.

Successful execution of this offer induced Sir Venki again to donate Rs 2.21 lakhs in March, 2020 to ZICT exclusively for the educational uplift of 10 extremely poor slum-dwelling girls studying at primary level. This has also been executed successfully.

Dr. Venki has offered to make similar amount of donations for a period of 10 years. Second donation of Rs 2.50 lakhs from this commitment was received in early July, 2021.

Dushyant Dave:

ZICT has by now completed 15 years of its service in promoting quality education in the community in Gujarat. ZICT earnestly owes…On the top of all these stands Shri Dushyant Dave, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India and former President of its Bar Association. Since his acquaintance with ZICT in 2012 Dushyantbhai has donated an amount of Rs 50 lakhs, largest individual donation to the organization so far.

ZICT shall ever remain grateful to all its donors & sympathizers, the iron like pillars of its success.