ZICT Honoured

Girl’s Upliftment Project:

In 2019, an anonymous philanthropist made a donation of Rs1.67 lakhs for education/welfare of poor girls from slum area. In 2020, we received another donation of Rs 2.21 lakhs for girls studying at primary level. Our donor has offered donations for 10 years, as per his commitment he donated Rs 2.5 lakhs in 2021. We express our heartfelt gratitude for the faith bestowed in us and frequent contribution.

Shri Dushyant Dave’s contribution:

When it comes to contributions, we humbly offer our gratitude to Shri Dushyant Dave, Senior Advocate of Supreme Court of India and former President of its Bar Association. He has the distiction of making the largest individual donation to ZICT, he has donated an amount of Rs 50 lakhs since his acquaintance with ZICT in 2012.

ZICT appreciates and acknowledges all our well wishers, donors and supporters and hope to receive the same love and encouragement always.