Zidni Ilma Charitable Trust, NGO came into existence in 2006 with the purpose of supporting bright students from financially weaker families. We are working incessantly towards transformation of the society at all levels.

A small beginning of a big dream:

We started this journey in September 2006 with 13 enthusiastic members who had passion to reform, revive and reframe the education system in the best way possible. 

We have come a long way from Rs 13000 in 2006. This is nothing but the dedication of our splendid team, support extended by our Donors as well as our Well Wishers.

Purpose of our existence:

A very strong sense of responsibility and zealous desire towards development of society are the two major factors that propelled us to start and make a positive change.

We learned that, society as an organic unit keeps growing with time. However, it is unwise to assume that all the strata of the society are moving at same pace at same time in a progressive manner.

Inevitable external factors – both natural and man-made factors like floods, droughts, inflation, unemployment, limited availability of resources and other disturbances in social/economical/emotional lives of people hit hardest on the lower/weaker strata of society. This calls for the intervention with utmost attention and alertness.

From our collective experiences, we believe that education is a highly effective weapon to combat this problem and also to fight social imbalances.

Our Vision

To reach out to students from under-privileged and marginally aligned families, to fulfill their educational motives and efficiently guide them towards professional upliftment.

To reach out to maximum brilliant students and enlighten their future by providing scholarship aid.

Our Mission

To help our society and nation achieve 100% literacy rate, equally shared with developed as well as underprivileged brilliant students.

The strides that we made

The average literacy rate of Gujarat was found to be 69.14% as per 2001 Census report. With the vision to push forward this literacy rate to 100% we are marching towards ultimate change in the society.

Helping hands came forward to help such deserving students. The distribution of funds for few years highlighted as follows:

Rs 22,87000 rupees were distributed in 2007-2009. A total contribution of Rs 1,37,30000 in 2019-20 and Rs 57,79,300 in 2021.

Here is the graphical representation of the amount of average scholarship granted since inception till date.

Challenges and trials that we faced and overcame:

Indian Muslims have a literacy rate of almost 68.5% with male literacy rate greater than female literacy rate. Urban areas have more literates than Rural areas. ZICT came into existence with a vision to reach these rural areas across Gujarat. ZICT succesfully extended scholarship aid between 2006-2021 to 1681 girl students and 3002 boy students.

The overall enrollment rates of students of all communities in schools have increased due to easy availability of schools, awareness, availability of grants, and different schemes.

It was also observed that the enrollment rate of Muslim students in schools has increased with passage of time but the early dropouts of female students and financially weaker students is also prevailing condition which needs tobe curtailed.

The dropouts are a consequence of the orthodox mentality of the community, extra hands needed to earn livelihood as well as the early marriages of girls. The community needs to stress on education so that they lead better lives and contribute to society. ZICT focuses on such students so that their brilliance in education is not dimmed.

In words of Marian Wright Edelman – Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.

Our Outreach:

ZICT provides scholarship to the students of higher secondary that is 11th and 12th classes. ZICT also grants aid to the students who wish to pursue Professional Courses once thery clear 12th Class.

Here is the graphical representation which shows Beneficiaries availing

Scholarships according to Professional Courses from 2006 to 2021.

Distribution of Scholarships:

Every year we organise a function to honour and award scholarships to deserving bright students. During Covid years, we followed Covid Protocol by dropping the function but continued awarding scholarships by depositing the amount in bank accounts of the eligible students.

In February 2022 we distributed Rs 5779300, it is more than 13 times the amount at the time of inception. A total of 303 students benefitted out of which 137 students were girls.

Funding at ZICT

ZICT accepts funds in form of Zakat as well as Lillah. ZICT takes care to disburse funds appropriately as per individual’s eligibility for the fund. ZICT is sensitive to people’s sentiments and offers an option to the applicant to choose Zakat or Lillah Funding.

Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam, it is an obligatory charity made by well to do Muslims that can potentially ease suffering of needy Muslims. Not all needy are eligible for Zakat so those really eligible benefit from it.

Lillah is a voluntary charity that is done in name of Allah. Those who can afford and wish to help their fellow Muslims who are ineligible for Zakat donate as Lillah.

We are striving hard to reach maximum needy students and are trying our best to include as many courses as possible for benefit of the deserving students.

We have come long way with support of our well wishers and philanthropists. We humbly appeal to each of you to contribute to our social cause so that more students benefit at a faster rate. More the funds, more aid can be given to our Muslims students and our community. No amount is small if contributed for a good cause, so please contribute whatever you can.

Our journey wasn’t easy, we crossed many hurdles, made sacrifices and put in a lot of efforts to reach where we are today. This wouldn’t have been possible without the moral support of our well wishers, blessings and financial support.

By well wishes of all, ZICT has now completed 15 years of its service in promoting quality education among the community in Gujarat.

We cannot thank enough our two biggest supporters for stepping in when ZICT was in dire need of funds – Shri Dushyant Dave (Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India) and a philanthropist who wishes to remain anonymous.

Girl’s Upliftment Project

During December of 2010, a philanthropist who wished to remain anonymous

made a contribution to ZICT to the tune of approximately Rs 1.67 Lakhs for educational upliftment / welfare of poor girls. 

Successful utilisation towards the execution of this offer induced him to donate Rs 2.21 lakhs in March, 2020 to ZICT exclusively for the educational upliftment of 10 extremely poor slum-dwelling girls studying at primary level. This has also been executed successfully.

Our Philanthropist, offered to make similar amount of donations for a period of 10 years. True to his words, as per his commitment, another donation of Rs 2.50 lakhs was received in July 2021.
We express our heartfelt gratitude for the faith bestowed in us and frequent contribution.

Shri Dushyant Dave’s contribution:

When it comes to contributions, we humbly offer our gratitude to Shri Dushyant Dave, Senior Advocate of Supreme Court of India and former President of its Bar Association. He has the distiction of making the largest individual donation to ZICT, he has donated an amount of Rs 50 lakhs since his acquaintance with ZICT in 2012.

ZICT appreciates and acknowledges all our well wishers, donors and supporters and hope to receive the same love and encouragement always.

Our Other Social Activities:

Between 2007 to 2019 ZICT held 13 public functions (except 2020 & 2021 due to Corona) to award scholarships to the eligible students.

In 2007, ZICT committed itself to shoulder all educational expenses of 172 boys and girls of Godhra, Ahmedabad and Vadodara studying in Primary to Higher Secondary levels in 15 different schools. They unfortunately belonged families of POTA detenues of 2002 communal flare up in Gujarat. ZICT spent Rs 12 lakhs approx. on successful completion of this mission.

ZICT spent nearly Rs 4.0 lakhs in 2014-15 towards the education of the children of 200 slum-dwellers of Kalyan nagar, Vadodara. They were forcibly evicted to distant places by the Vadodara Municipal Corporation.

In 2019, ZICT started Remedial Basic Development Program, where weak students from Government schools of selected areas of Vadodara were identified and coached. Special classes for coaching English, Gujarati and Maths were held. We are happy to announce that till date more than 650 students have benefitted.

We would like to share one of our success stories – Shakila, Aakila and Nazneen who unfortunately lost their fathers in 2002 had difficulty in continuing their studies.

After they passed their 10th, ZICT stepped in to help them complete their graduation in science. We are proud to sat that all three are gainfully employed in a Pharmaceutical Company at Halol.

During April 2020, ZICT distributed kits of food-grain and grocery items worth nearly Rs 9.60 lakhs to 900 slum dwellers of Vadodara. They all were victims of March 2020 Lockdown crisis.

In continuing tradition of reaching out to under privileged ZICT gave food kits to 175 families at Maneja in March’22

Our Team

We take immense pride in our team who selflessly strive to achieve our single goal of imparting education to under privilieged students. Our team members are working relentlessly without receiving any monetary motivation. We are fortunate to have many learned and well-established professionals who share their expertise in all day to day workings.

Board of Trustees:

President (Lifetime): Late Dr J.S Bandukwala

President: Dr Mohammed Hussain

Vice-President: Gulam Ahmed Jaz & Yasin Shaikh

Secretary: Iqbal Khan

Treasurer: Fakhruddin Kauswala


Yasinmiya S Rangrez

Shahid A Rahimi

Maulana Iqbalhusain Bokda

Najmuddin F Chasmawala

Rauf S Saiyed

Mohd Shafi Kadiwala

Dr Ismail Pala

Mohammedi N Chasmawala

Mohammed Iqbal Khan

Amar Rana

Join our Team for securing future of brilliant students.

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 your community today, come forward and help us grow

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